Spicy Bacon Meatloaf Mac and Cheese

Spicy Bacon Meatloaf Mac and Cheese

I can hear some of you thinking: Obsessed with Bacon Meatloaf much, woman?!  Yes, yes I am.  And you would be too if you would just make the dang-blasted thang. It’s important to point to the obvious here: my recipe for Bacon Meatloaf, like most of my recipes, is for those who love leftovers.  Luckily, […]

Tomato and Mozzarella Bruschetta with a Twist

Bruschetta with a Twist

Bruschetta is a family fav during the summer tomato season.  Done as a meal, it’s easy, light and satisfying.  Can I get an AMEN and a HALLELURIAH! If you’re a long time reader, you know I have trouble following recipe directions exactly as written and like to add a twist to suit our tastes.  Bruschetta […]

Grilled Burger Pizza

Grilled Burger Pizza

Summertime = Burgertime! We’ve already covered grilled corn and grilled taters with onions, so why not burgers via a Grilled Burger Pizza? Here’s the truth about our summer grilling: We grill once every two weeks-ish and load up the grill with burgers, sausage, hot dogs, and anything else in the meat department that has caught […]

A Twist on the Traditional Meatloaf Sandwich: Meatloaf Quesadilla

Meatloaf Quesadillas

Meatloaf.  You either love it or you hate it with a white-hot heat.  OMT! lurvs it (remember THIS post?!).  So much so, she aught to marry it and then stop referring to herself in third person. Obviously, when you make a GIANT meatloaf for two, you’re gonna have leftovers.  What’s better than a meatloaf sandwich?  […]

Bacon Meatloaf for Miles

Meatloaf for a Crowd

I’ve discussed that I find it difficult to cook for two and this post serves as another reminder.  On the upside, we’re flush with delicious leftovers and a bit for the freezer to eat another day. Instead of beating myself up for cooking embarrassing large meals, I’m gonna start thinking of it as time management.  […]

Two Vital Tricks When Making Spaghetti

IMG_1734 - Copy

Wait.  There are two vital tricks when making spaghetti?  Really?  There are tricks to making one of the easiest dishes on the planet? As my great Italian auntie says, “Yeah, buddy.” OK, I don’t really have an Italian auntie, but as a Texan I say that all the time. To the tricks! First, I hope […]

Easy Homemade Meat Sauce for Pasta

IMG_1681 - Copy

Sometimes healthy eating = bland food.  Not in my house, dadgum it!  Like is too short to eat stuff that gives you a sad. One of our favorite healthy meals is whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce.  In the winter I load the sauce with hot spices and garlic to ward of the flu-debil; gotta […]

Easy Mac for a Crowd, or Dinner for Two at My House


I cook lots. For the sake of this post, I’m speaking to volume as opposed to frequency, which I also do; I cook L-O-T-S. When I was a kid, The German wouldn’t let anyone in her kitchen, although I can’t complain because she mostly made German fare and who would want to mess up that […]

Christmas Eve Tamales


My mother is German and my father hailed from New York, so holiday meals took on an International/East Coast flavor.  As a Texan, hailing from the West, yet now living in the South, the yummy cherry on the cultural mix, I gots to have me some tamales on Christmas Eve. Doesn’t matter where you live […]

10 Foolproof Steps to Brine a Turkey

10 Foolproof Steps To Brine a Turkey

Years ago, Husband wanted to brine a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Since we typically smoke ours for hours on the pit, brining seemed like a perfect companion because it’s easy to dry out a smoked turkey.  Smoked birds and tenderness aren’t words that usually go together, but throw in brining and you have a winner. Don’t […]