Drunk Carrots

Drunk Carrots

Carrots got a drankin’ problem, y’all.  I love you, man!  Yes, carrots, we love you, too. I first heard of whiskey-glazed carrots from a friend after they had made them for Thanksgiving.  I was all: I LOVE butter.  I LOVE whiskey.  I LOVE a tender carrot.  Put all these loves together in one lovely dish, […]

Easy Baked Spanish Rice

Easy Spainish Rice

When I was a newlywed with limited culinary experience a friend passed along this easy recipe for Spanish Rice and it has remained a family favorite.  The first time I made it I was so proud of myself for producing something that tasted exactly like I wished it would taste, exactly like someone else would […]

Portuguese Sweet Bread

Portuguese Sweet Bread

I’m a sucker for carbalicious bread, in any form.  Portuguese Sweet Bread.  Ever heard of  it?  Ever had it?  If you answered “yes” then you’re smiling and wishing you had some RIGHT NOW!  If you answered “no” then you’re in for a light, buttery, addictive addition to your baking arsenal of recipes to cherish. That’s […]

Self-Dressing Salad of Your Dreams

Self-Dressing Salad of Your Dreams

What?  You don’t dream of salad?  Yeah, me neither….~snort~….but, this salad is like a dream because #1) It’s simple, #2) It’s delicious and Bonus #3) If you’re a newbie in the kitchen or an experienced cook, bringing this dish to any occasion will add to your kitchen cred. WATCH OUT!  OMT! is getting her street […]

How-To: Freezing Fresh Herbs


I want to be a gardener, I do.  I’ve given it a try, but as many of your know, my garden gave me the finger. Oy. So what’s a saddy sad non-gardening grandmama to do?  STEAL FROM THE NEIGHBORS! Not really, come on now.  I’m a granny for goodness sakes.  I have an example to […]

Jalapeno Popper Heaven


I live in Texas and Texans love their ‘picy foods.  It’s jalapeno this and jalapeno that. (btw: proper pronunciation in Texas = hal-eh-pain-nyo) The dirty little secret for some of us big bad Texans (me) is that we prefer our taste buds not be seared off when eating our favorite Tex-Mex meals. So, what’s a […]

OMT! Mac~n~Cheese


Who doesn’t love macaroni and cheese?  WHO?!  Not too many, that’s who. If you’ve read here for a hot minute, you know I’m a recipe fiddler.  It’s a rare moment in the kitchen when I follow a recipe as written.  I think it’s because I know what we like and what works for us.  Or […]

I Hate Green Tea

green tea-ish

It’s true.  Green tea gives me the heaves.  Not the actual I’m-gonna-hurl heaves, but the kind that makes me curl up a little when I think of drinking it.  Pretty bad, right? The thing is I’m trying to better myself nutritionally and green tea is highly recommended. Let me backtrack a bit.  I’m pretty sound […]

Pico De Gallo


I know it’s spring in most of the country, but we’re on the verge of summer in Texas.  And once it’s summer, Texans eat pico de gallo by the 10-gallon hat full; we love it!  Although, we usually shorten the name to pico, no de gallo necessary! What is pico, exactly?  The loosest definition is […]

Not Your Grandma’s Potatoes

Not Your Grandma's Potatoes

Have y’all met my new pretend BFF, Gaby Dalkin?  No?  Lawsy, that woman can cook. As most of you know, she had me at Slutty Brownies (which I have since used to bribe the Time Warner guy to complete the rewiring for my Internets as fast as he could). If you missed the whole Slutty […]