Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Patio Drop Cloth Curtains

Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Patio Drop Cloth Curtains

Drop it like it’s hot, like it’s hot, oh so hot! This has been the year of backyard DIY projects (HERE and HERE) one of which I have wanted to do for a few years: Drop Cloth Curtains! A few years back, we had a neighbor whom I nicknamed Cletus.  His creep factor from 1-10: […]

It’s How I Roll

Core Stability Ball Uses

If you’ve read here for any length of time, you know that I have an ongoing tweaky back issue that I’m working hard to resolve. I use my foam roller, I do strengthening work, and because I sit for a large part of every day, I have started using my stability ball as a chair […]

Is Your Steak Done?

Is Your Steak Done?

Father’s Day seems like yesterday and while I offered a few fun thangs for dear old dad, I hadn’t come across this WHAT-WHAT?! gadget yet, so I’m telling you about it now. The SteakChamp Thermometer (source: Amazon) Yuuuuuum. This is how it works: * Insert the spike thermometer horizontally into your raw steak. * Start […]

U.S. Flag Primer

U.S. Flag Flying Primer

I have written on this subject before, but I thought it important enough to offer a flag primer once again.  Kinda like getting a yearly checkup with your doc; it’s always nice to be educated on the important stuff. Coincidentally, I’ve seen a growing number of confused facebook posts regarding the proper/improper way to fly […]

Wadda Ya Know…You *CAN* Take it With You!

Menu Baggy Winecoat Tote

What Grandma Drinks I always feel like a bit of a lush when I write that title.  (need to catch up on what grandma drinks?  check these out: WGD, WGD, WGD, WGD,and WGD) I’M NOT!  And neither are you.  We just understand the soothing effect a well-timed libation can have upon one’s soul. Yet, what […]

Kids Shenanigans


Y’all know how much I love a Klutz book, right?  See HERE and HERE if you’ve forgotten. Klutz was our go-to publisher of fun-time kids books in the summer or whenever we needed something fun to do.  When I find a book with a title and tagline this great, I gotta buy it: Kids Shenanigans: […]

Everyone Needs a Straw

Glass Straw Dispenser

Years and years ago, when Boy was an itty-bitty, I bought a glass straw dispenser just like this one and it’s still the most used item on my counter in the summer, all these years later.  The bonus is it still looks new and holds a boatload of straws. Who doesn’t love a sturdy straw […]

Elevating the Snot Sucking Game

Clearinse Nasal Wash Sytem for BAbies and Children

Remember the post I did for Nose Frida, the snotsucker?!  No?  Go on….we’ll wait here while you check it out. For the rest of us that have seen the post, while they’re over there being totally skeeved out by an amazing baby product, we’re here laughing.  Ha! SNOT SUCKER! Oh, you’re back?  That was an […]

Building a Raised Cedar Bed

Building a Raised Cedar Bed

Husband + OMT! + DIY = you better be wearing a hardhat, baby! While Husband and I prefer to work separately on DIY projects, each doing a specific job ~alone~, we did have that wonderfully easy project of building the smaller cedar bed together, so we figured WHAT THE HEY! and tried our luck again […]

Fun Indoor/Outdoor Activities for Kids


Need something creative to do with the kiddos indoors on a rainy day? Need something fun to do with the kiddos outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air, after you’re done gardening with them? Need something that will entertain you (as you watch the shenanginas) as much as your younger charges? ~ A gentle reminder: […]