How To Clean Your Microwave Volcano-Style

Need a quick way to clean your microwave? Wanna make it fun, too? While I’m not a fan of cleaning, I am a fan of fun and this microwave cleaner is fun! Confession time: I don’t clean my microwave as often as I should. Do you? I mean, if the Queen of England was headed […]

These Spicy Pretzels Will Make You Fall in Love

You like a delicious snack, right? Salty snacks. Sweet snacks. Soft snacks. Crunchy snacks. ALL THE SNACKS! If you like pretzels and a bit of added spice, you’re gonna love these spicy pretzels. I love telling the story behind these pretzels, because it makes me laugh (cause I was kinda a jackass) and it proves […]

Having The Dreaded Death Talk

The birds and bees talk is always fun, ain’t it? Oh, behave! But, that’s not the talk we’re discussing today (DANG IT!). The one I’m offering, is the talk about dying, and what your wishes might be upon your death, you know, if you go first…or second…or last, even. Having the death talk is important, […]

Oven Roasted BBQ Chicken

There are days I neeeeed some finger-licking, oven-roasted, BBQ chicken, even in the dead of winter. Hell, especially in the cold when I’m missing sun-kissed days and umbrelly drinks by the pool. This recipe is for those days. BBQ chicken in the oven? Is this real life? Yes. All the yeses. This is the time […]

10 Rules Upon My Death

10 rules upon my death?! For the reals? Think of this as a not-to-be-taken-completely-seriously guide to final wishes, or a fun-time death note. I met a fellow writer for coffee and the talk turned to how I handled my diagnosis with humor. I laughed because it’s pretty much how I handle everything; it’s in my […]

Top 10 Reasons To Love Homemade Hot Chocolate

Ooooowhee, Oh, Mrs Tucker! loves her some delicious homemade hot chocolate.  Today, I’m gonna give you the top 10 reasons for you to love homemade (not Swiss Miss) hot chocolate. Think of this post as your bonafide permission slip to drink more…MORE!…hot chocolate. The biggest reason, surprisingly, is there are antioxidant health benefits to this […]

Looking for an Easy and Delicious Meat Sauce Recipe? This!

We eat lots of homemade meat sauce in our house. I use it with pasta, quinoa or rice. It’s versatile and superior to anything you’ll find in a jar. Once you learn how to make an easy and delicious meat sauce recipe, you’ll never go back!   One of the great things about this recipe […]

What I Ate During Chemo

Cancer, Cancer, Cancer! There is so much to learn for anyone going through cancer treatment, and one very important topic is nutrition. Fighting the beast is a complicated journey, but the best foods to eat while on chemo, shouldn’t be complicated. What I Ate During Chemo Omgosh, it hasn’t even been that long since my […]

Cranberry Smoothie

Are you ready for an easy, delicious, and antioxidant-packed cranberry smoothie that you can enjoy year round? Here ya go! That color! Doesn’t that smoothie look like it’s packed full of healthy benefits? Spoiler Alert: IT IS! Y’all know that I love me some decadent whatevers (cake – I love me some cake), and I […]

The Best Cheese Ball You’ll Ever Snack On

The BEST Cheese ball You’ll EVER Snack On?! Really? All the taste-testers say yes! Y’all know by now that I deliver – no hyperbole – well, not much. Fine. Some. But, ya gotta know the excitement is totally my truth, y’all! If I say it’s the best whatevers, you know it’s gonna rock your world. […]