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When making special meals, or getting tasked with bringing a side dish to a gathering instead of a fabulous dessert, it’s nice to have a few worthy choices that you can feel confident about making.

I offer my worthy choices for your consideration.

Drunk Carrots:

Drunk Carrots!

Every time I make this recipe, I agree with myself that there is no better way to eat cooked carrots.  Get ’em drunk, then eat!  Delish.  For the concerned: the whiskey, the actual alkeehol, burns off, leaving behind a deep and complex taste extravaganza.  So. Good.

Self-Dressing Salad of Your Dreams:

Self-Dressing Salad of Your Dreams

I love making this for Thanksgiving.  The dish is so light, so summery, that juxtaposed next to the traditionally heavier dishes of the holiday it’s a welcomed change of pace.  The only thing easier than making this salad would be ripping open a bag of greens and dumping it in a bowl.  Gosh, doesn’t that sound appetizing?

Not Your Grandma’s Potatoes:

Not Your Grandma's Potatoes

Well, maybe not your grandma’s potatoes, but certainly Sweet E’s.  I love offering this dish to any table.  These potatoes are unexpected in their wild versatility.  Perfect for a formal meal.  Perfect for a picnic.  Perfect in a burrito.  Perfect cold right out of the container standing in front of an open fridge bcause you can’t help yourself.  < Not any where near an exaggeration.

Easy Baked Spanish Rice:

Spanish Rice Done Right!

This is a dish that rarely has any left over for a midnight snack.  Makes me sad cause I love me some leftovers.  It’s a tasty number, it is.  We pair it with tamales and chili-sauce.  Maybe some chips and guac.  Making it = your new South of the Border addiction.

Lastly, how about some Easy Roasted French Green Beans:

Easy Roasted French Green Beans

They don’t look like much on the cookie sheet, but they were so amazing we didn’t bother placing them in a dish first, we simply scooped them off the cookie sheet onto our plates.  Yum.  Don’t let the simpleness of the recipe fool you; these veggies could go toe-to-elegant-toe with other more traditional dishes. Plus they’re fun to pick off the cookie sheet and eat before even making it to your plate.  Fancy-fanger-food!

I make each of these dishes at least a couple of times a year and can vouch for their worthiness.  If you add one of them to your table, I hope you love them as much as we do.

Happy Side-Dish Choosing, Y’all!

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  1. That salad looks amazing… and super easy to make!!

  2. Very interesting foods

  3. Oh, I would totally eat those potatoes straight out of the fridge!! I found you through Naptime Creations link up & wanted to invite you to join mine on Saturday nights at averystreetdesign.com – starting at 8 pm. It’s called “Found & Foraged” – I’d love to see you there! xo.

  4. Great ideas for side dishes. That Spanish Rice looks delicious!

  5. I have to try some of these. I always forget I can roast green beans, that is going on my shopping list this week.


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