Honey vs Sugar

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Sugar and I go together like cupcakes and brownie chunks, like Big Wheels and Radio Flyer, like pistols and vodka; we’re made for each other!

I most like sugar in my morning coffee.

So sweet and lovely.

Like a wonderful kiss first thing in the day.

Yeah – I like sugar.

Then, Husband goes and throws a kink into thangs.

While on a visit to Arkansas, for a college football game, there was no refined sugar in the house for his morning coffee.

His innovative hostess suggested he add honey to his brew.

Ever the polite Southern gentleman, he did, and liked it so much, he brought his new habit home.

His switch got me to thinking: Is honey better than sugar?  (I swear, if it is, I’m going to lie….not really….but I’ll want to)

Is Honey Better Than Sugar



First up, a bit of nutritional info:

This next bit of info I found infinitely more interesting: if you’re going to the trouble of substituting honey for sugar, make sure it’s raw honey.


How about these reasons:

* A bounty of nutrition including enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals

* Promotes the growth of friendly bacteria in your intestinal tract

* Good for your skin

* Promotes heart health by reducing homocysteine levels

* Tames allergies (if using local grown raw honey)

* Helps sooth a cough

* Helps prevent tooth decay

* Raw honey is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral and helpful for wound healing.

The bullet points above are from the website SixIngredientsorLess.com.. You’ll find footnotes at the bottom of the her page documenting sources.

I can attest to the claim that honey soothes a cough.

Just last week I had a cough due to allergies.  I took a spoonful of honey right before bedtime and it allowed me to fall asleep quickly, while quelling my cough.


Um, no.  Raw honey!

I also think it’s been a benefit to me in hot tea (green, which I’m not a fan of) when sick.

While my research has taught me that raw honey is slightly preferable over refined sugar (most nutritionists consider it a draw), does that mean I’m chucking my 5lb bags of sugar?


Not. Gonna. Happen.

Seriously, I bake a lot of cake.  A lot.  I neeeed mah sugar, sugah.

All is not lost!  I’ve learned that I can make a small change, one that benefits me nutritionally and in similar ways, possibly, that dark chocolate does, antioxidant-wise.

Anytime you can get more of what your body needs without feeling like you’re making huge sacrifices, why not?

Which brings me to the point that just because raw honey is better than sugar doesn’t mean I’ll drown my waffles in it.

Raw honey is calorie rich, meaning one needs to exercise (heh) caution when using.

CAVEAT: Honey may contain a dormant bacteria called clostridium botulinum. It is extremely dangerous to babies  and can lead to death.  Never let babies under the age of 12 months consume honey, raw or otherwise.

Everything in moderation, may babies.  (except cake.  and waffles.)

Want to add anything I missed?




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  1. Honey is great! I love agave nectar, too. I use it instead of sugar in almost everything, even when baking.

  2. I love honey! We use it as a substitute in a lot of things, but I prefer agave nectar! 🙂

  3. I used to put so much sugar and creamer in my coffee that, when dining out, I’d have an embarrassingly large pile of trash in front of me. I stopped the sugar cold turkey and now drink my coffee without sweetener and with skim milk. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother. I just might try this honey thing although I’m a little worried that once that door opens, I’ll be main-lining raw honey. Moderation, you say?

    • LOL! Stopped using sugah old turkey? NEVAH!

      I have two vices: sugar and cussing. I’m trying like hell to reign in my cursing, so sugar gets to stay!

  4. Patti, I love honey (and am very interested in and concerned about the decline of the honey bee). I put honey in tea, why have I never tried it in coffee? Your husband discovered something I think I will enjoy. But I’m with you, I want both sugar AND honey (my husband always says my middle name is “Both”. 🙂 I do buy local raw honey. My dad swears that consuming local raw honey cured him of what used to be very severe allergies.

    Thanks for all the research and info! Visiting from the Grand Social,

    Love, Joy

    • “Both”…lol! Many doc around here (one of the worst allergy places in the country) suggest using local raw honey for allergies, too. Happy to help!

  5. Thank you, Patti, for this information. I like both too – and while honey is my sweetener of choice in tea – I’ve never tried it in coffee. May have to give that a go. I like blue agave honey and raw turbinado sugar. We do what we can, right? And both serve their purpose.

    Stopping in today from Lisa’s Grand Social.

    • The thought of giving up sugar gives me the EEPS! For me, honey and sugar have their place, but one cannot replace the other. Thanks for coming by!

  6. I don’t use much sugar, I do like honey in my tea, but I do bake with sugar. Interesting post. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me and don’t forget to link up to our Holiday Baking Party on the 20th. Hugs, Marty

  7. Great information. Thanks so much for sharing with Wednesday’s Adorned From Above Link Party.
    Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly @ Adorned From Above

  8. Great info! I really need to find raw honey instead of the store-bought kind. And I also have had great success with honey when I was sick, and it wasn’t raw so I can only imagine how good the REAL stuff would’ve been.

    • Thanks! I actually buy my raw honey at Costco, but you can usualy get it in your grocery store. Just check the label to make sure it comes from your area for the allergy busting properties.

  9. Such great information! I love the chart for comparison! Honey can’t replace sugar and shouldn’t be thought of as a health food or anything, but should definitely be considered first as a go-to sweetener. Thanks for compiling all the great info!

  10. Yes I love raw honey. Coconut sugar is also good.

    • I’ve heard of coconut oil, but sugar?! It sounds delicious!

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