My Top 10 Picks for 2014

Last month I did a run-through of your Top 10 Posts for 2014; this month I’m highlighting my favorite posts for 2014.

There were so many to choose from that I honestly had trouble picking.  But, pick I did.

My Top 10 Posts for 2014

My Top 10 Posts for 2014!

#10: Hey!  Are You Trying to Get Sued?!

Hey! Are You Trying To Get Sued?

#9: Texas Chocolate Chocolate Sheet Cake

#8: A Profound Moment of Grace

A Profound Moment of Grace

#7: Easy Spiral Ham with Pineapple Honey Glaze

Pineapple Honey Glaze

#6: What I’ll Tell Sweet E: How To Overcome Rejection

Overcoming Rejection

#5: Jalapeno and Fresno Chili Poppers Tutorial

Jalapeno and Fresno Chili Popper Tutorial
#4: What I Will Tell Sweet E: Good Friends Will Carry You Home

Good Friends Will Carry You Home

#3: Caramel-Filled Triple Chocolate Brownies

Caramel-Filled Double Chocoalte Brwonies with Toasted Pecans

#2: Building a Raised Cedar Bed

Building a Raised Cedar Bed

#1: Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Patio Drop Cloth Curtains

Inexpensive DIY Outdoor Patio Drop Cloth Curtains

There you have it.  While my true favs are any post that speaks to Sweet E, any child PSA or the ones about perimenopause (CAN SUCK IT!), the posts above truly made me happy.

Thanks for indulging me and coming along for the look back.

I pray that 2015 may be your year.  May we continue to walk towards that which fills us and others.

Thank you for your continued support of OMT!  I seriously and deeply love you guys!

Happy New Year, y’all!


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  1. Love this list! #1 definitely has me rethinking a few posts… time to go remove so borrowed images, & I definitely pinned that Texas Sheet Cake, Yum!


  2. I had to go in a few and pin those. Interesting read on the ‘Are You Trying to get Sued’.

  3. Looks like some great posts. I did not blog enough to really have a top ten this year (at least on any single blog).

  4. So much good stuff in 2014 and cannot wait to see what you share with us in 2015…Now can you send me that chocolate sheet cake please? Thanks! XOXO

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