How To Make the Best Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

Y’all. Y’all! I know Texans like to brag –  forgive us – but, there is so much truth in this next sentence: Imma ’bout to show you how to make the BEST Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake. For the realz. Get ready. Chocolate. Texas. Sheet. Cake. ~mic drop~ Lawsy, my babies, this is JUST what we […]

Possibly The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake You’ll Ever Eat

I know – I KNOW! – I’m always yammering about the best this, the best that. Today, I’m talking about a seemingly unassuming sheet cake, but I’m gonna let you decide. Just know, my vote is that this is the best chocolate sheet cake I’ve ever eaten. And, baby,  I’ve eaten my fair share (and […]