Make Your Own Spicy Pretzels

These are one of my all-time favorite snacks to make and throw down my piehole, so of course it goes without saying that I should share the recipe with you again, so you too can sing their praises…or hoard them…whatever feels natural. I had my first one when a friend dropped off a birthday package […]

Spicy Pretzels

I had my first Spicy Pretzel when a friend dropped off a birthday package for Garry.  There they sat, in a ribboned-adorned apothecary jar, looking very ordinary, as pretzels are known to do. Pretzels being pretzels are not exciting, although the jar was a keeper (if only it had come in this jar!). Garry took […]

Cocktail Hour Nibbles

My great auntie is 93-years-old.  She hails from a time when the cocktail hour was sacred and she still, to this very day, adheres to the hour’s tradition. I love to call her right after she has mixed her Martini and is relaxing.  That’s when the magic happens. My aunt is a northern gal and […]