DIY Fire Pit Tutorial: Updated

Cliff Notes of a DIY Fire Pit Tutorial = chop down a big ash tree, have the stump properly shaped for burning, then burn ALL THE THINGS!

The DIY fire pit post is one of my most popular.  Who knew so many of you were looking to make a hobo pit like us!

When I first broached the idea to Husband, he gave me the look I usually give him.  You know the one: You cray-cray, Hoss!  Yet, once we talked about it and researched the safety of it, it was the perfect solution to the question: How are we going to get the stump out of the ground?  Bore?  Dig?  Hope it comes out, roots and all, with the tree?

NO!  Let’s pretend it’s a built-in fire pit and leave it there!

At first glance, right after the tree was felled, even I had my doubts.  The area was so barren, but Dexter didn’t mind:

DIY Firepit Tutorial

Then we built our first fire and both of us were hooked.  All Hail, Tiny Fire!

DIY Fire Pit Tutorial: Updated

Now?  Now we use that fire pit frequently (even on hella hot days) and love that we didn’t pull the stump out.

Since these first pics, we have sodded the area and had many many fires.

Although, Dexter’s enthusiasm has waned; he’s not too happy with our choice.  He hates when we have a fire.  We’ve bribed him with treats, but no-go.  He refuses to sit with us.

DIY Firepit Tutorial

We’ve come a long way since that tiny first fire.

This is what our fires look like today:

Build it and OMT! will come!

DIY Fire Pit Tutorial: Updated

Grab a drink and let the fire get started:

DIY Fire Pit Tutorial: Updated


DIY Firepit TutorialThis is livin’, yall.

We keep going until either the wood is spent:

DIY Firepit Tutorial

Or the drinks are:

DIY Firepit Tutorial

We’re thinking of adding a fun modification, since Sweet E will be hanging out with us at the pit.  Husband is going to find/build a grate with legs that can be attached to the pit when we want to grill a few hot dogs and a small pot of chili.


I’ve heard from some of you who are concerned that by using the old stump that we might accidently ignite a fire in the root system.  #1) The tree was green when we cut it and it hasn’t been a problem.  #2) We extinguish all fires with copious amounts of water from the hose after we are done having our fun.  #3) If we ever conclude there is a danger, which we monitor closely, we’ll proceed from there with a new plan.  So far, so good, but as for you and your stump pit, err on the side of caution. If you think there is a danger to igniting anything other than the stump, don’t do it!

This is what the pit looks like today, sans wood.

DIY Firepit

As you can see, we’re making progress, but since the tree was green when we started very little of the stump has given way.

This has been one of my favorite projects.  It’s great to have a unique fire pit to have a drink by at the end of the week or to start the week.

Can’t wait to get the grate and make some memories with Sweet E.

Like Husband said, “We had so much fun as kids by the fire when we went camping.”  To which I added, “The difference this time will be that we’ll have the luxury of bathrooms and soft beds.”

Yeah, I’m not so much a camper…

Happy DIY, my babies!


~I am not a professional fire-pit maker, so know that this tutorial is purely my experience of what we did. Proceed with caution and safety for your situation.~






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  1. I’m not much of a camper either. If I was going to camp, I’d like it to be in an RV. Is that really camping? Anyway, back to the firepit…very cool. I was hoping my hubby would build one for us in the pool area, but we won’t be able to do this…there are no trees in there. But this is an interesting concept. 🙂

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      I’ve done the RV thing as well, but I’m with you: is that really camping?! We hated to cut the tree down, but lemonade from lemons!

  2. I love this! We def want a fire pit when we buy our first house!

  3. That’s pretty cool! What happens when it is completely hollowed out? Would it burn away altogether?

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      When it’s burned farther down, we’re going to stone around it and put filler in the inside part to prevent further burning.

  4. That’s awesome! We have a fire pit but don’t use it much.

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      We love our stump pit, and also have a regular bowl-type one that go used as well until it got put up in favor of this one!

  5. This is an awesome idea! I love that it is already implanted in your backyard. If-and-when I finally get a place all to myself, I am sure I will be scouting out DIY fire pit ideas, and will need to keep this one in mind! I love the grate idea, that’ll save a ton with no need for propane or charcoal purchasing!
    (Stopped over from TWB!)

    • Mrs. Tucker says:

      Thanks, Sarah! The ash trees in our area are way over 30-years-old and ready to come down. Perfect for fire pits!

  6. That is so crazy cool!!

  7. What a brilliant way to make a fire pit! Love this!

  8. This is soo perfect! Its such a pain to get rid of the stump, so why not let the tree keep on giving- smores anyone 🙂 Michelle

  9. Very cool idea! Nothing says summer like a cold drink and a bonfire!

  10. wow! how natural!

  11. What a FUN project! Can’t wait to track the progress, the dog enjoys it too, heehee. Thanks for linking up at Wonderful Wed Blog Hop. Carrie, A Mother’s Shadow

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  13. This is a not a good idea to encourage. apart from the damage to all the mini beasts that live in the root system we need all the trees we can get in this damaged planet. in the 21st century.

  14. Melissa Rogers says:

    Really neat. I have a stump that is not in ground and was wanting to try to turn it into a fire pit. It is decent size some of wood inside is rotted. Was thinking we could cut out a hole in stump, Get out rotted stuff. Place a old camp out kettle pot into it. And burn away. Not looking to spend a ton of money it would defeat purpose! Just thinking would be really neat and different if can pull off…..

    • Many many folks offer the CAVEAT: BE CAREFUL! And I do as well.

      For us the tree was dead and we were incredibly cautious (always a hose nearby).

      Our stump is gone now and we simply put our regular bowl firepit in its place.


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